Bonies is a media company focused on creating fun and engaging digital experiences for the masses such as our first game, BONIES: Crypt Crawler.

Crypt Crawler is a timed survival game where players fight off hordes of enemies while collecting coins and tokens to upgrade their characters and XP Skulls to level up their skills while in-game.

Learn more about the game in our Game Guide, or Play the Demo.

The Demo is free to play, but future versions of the game will be available for purchase on popular platforms like Steam, Epic and Google Play.

We do have a series of NFTs that can be used to enhance your gameplay, but are not required to play the game.

Check out our NFTs page to view our current NFTs.

No, you do not have to own an NFT to play our game. However, NFTs do offer bonuses in-game. 

For example, Soul Juice provides players with 2% more starting health per Soul Juice they hold up to 5 Soul Juices (+10% starting health).

You can join our Discord Server, or follow us on Twitter to connect with the rest of the BONIES community and keep in touch with the latest BONIES new.

BONIES NFTs are available on Magic Eden.

You can still mint BONIES PFP NFTs as long as you hold either a Master Crypt Key or Decayed Crypt Key.

Master Crypt Keys allow for a free mint.

Decayed Crypt Keys allow for a discounted mint at 0.75 $SOL per mint.

You can redeem your keys on our Mint Page.