BONIES: Crypt Crawler is a timed survival game where you fight against hordes of monsters to see how long you can survive while collecting tokens to upgrade your character’s base stats. During gameplay collect XP Skulls to level up your character and increase your skills and abilities to help you survive for longer.

Getting Started

There are 4 main starting characters in the game. We call this group the Main Crew. Each character has its own perks and starting weapons.

Main Crew

Hero Description
  • Name: Mav
  • Weapon: Bone Blade
  • Bonus: +5% Defense
  • Background:
    Mav is the ring leader of the bunch. Cool, calm and collected is how his friends would describe him. He's been known to get a little too close to the fire if you know what I mean, but he always pulls through and never leaves a Bonie behind.
  • Name: Xinder
  • Weapon: Firestick
  • Bonus: +5% Fire Damage
  • Background:
    It's not hard to see how he earned his nickname. This guy is a wild one, but he'll always be by your side when your back is against the wall; however, it's usually because he got you there in the first place. Loyal till the end, Xinder will always be there to get you out the chaos he or others started.
  • Name: Mouse
  • Weapon: Bottle Rocket
  • Bonus: +8% XP Gain
  • Background:
    Ex-graverobber turned legit, Mouse is the strategist of the crew. Got an idea? She's got the plans. Don't tell Mav, but she's the one really calling the shots.
  • Name: Ecto
  • Weapon: Bone-r-ang
  • Bonus: +10% Luck
  • Background:
    Need supplies? Or maybe you want whatever's inside that tomb over there? If so, Ecto is your guy. Logistics king and part-time crypt-cracker of the Underworld, Ecto can get you whatever you want whenever you want it.

STarter Zone

The BONIES: Crypt Crawler demo includes only the first zone of the game, Haunted Forest. In this stage you’ll fight hordes of monsters and bosses to earn coins, and unlock other zones in the full game.

This zone does not have a beginning or end point, you can walk in any direction for infinity. The objective is to ward off the monsters coming at you for as long as possible, not reach a specific destination.

Additional zones will be unlockable by reaching certain scores or collection specific artifacts.


The controls are simple; use your arrow keys, WASD keys or your finger on a touch screen to move your character around to avoid the monsters.

Skills and abilities are cast automatically, sometimes at the monsters directly or in random directions depending on the skill.


Now that you’ve grasped the basics it’s time to learn how to thrive.


While being chased by ravaging beasts you might happen upon a grave or two. These sometimes hold goodies like Pizza (), Pumpkin Suckers () and Soul Juice () which replenish your character’s health. They even drop other goodies that help you eliminate monsters and gain XP faster. Successful Bonies dig up as many graves as they can.

XP Skulls

Throughout your play you’ll notice skulls of various colors dropping from the monsters you eliminate. These are XP Skulls () and when you pick then up you gain a certain amount of experience based on the color.

Collect all the XP Skulls you find to level up your current skills and unlock new abilities.

Skills & Abilities

Each time your increase your level you will be presented with 3 abilities to choose from to either improve a current ability you have or unlock a new one.

There are both active and passive abilities.

Active abilities cause damage to oncoming foes.

Passive abilities increase your power, luck, defenses, or other stats.

Unlocked abilities are reset after each round you play.

Skill select screen

Spectrals and Bone Dust

Spectrals () and Bone Dust ($BONED) are the two types of currencies you can earn in-game. Spectrals are exclusively used in-game where as $BONED is a Solana Token on the blockchain and can be used outside of the game for other purposes. Both currencies allow you to unlock new content and upgrade your character with $BONED being the more valuable currency. $BONED will receive exclusive benefits in-game as well, such as being able to unlock content and new characters you can’t unlock with Spectrals.


In the full game you are able to unlock upgrades using Spectrals or $BONED to improve your character’s base stats. These upgrades are permanent and do not reset after each match like the skills obtained while playing.

Things that can be upgraded include everything from base stats of the skills & abilities you select in-game to base character stats and even new passive abilities not unlocked through gameplay.