Grave Drops


There are 5 Grave Drops and 8 Monster Drops currently in the game.

Grave Drops

Grave Drops are items you can uncover by digging up graves in-game. To dig up a grave make sure you’re close enough for one of your skills to hit a grave stone. Once a grave stone is destroyed you may find an item sitting on the ground.

Icon Description


Replenishes 10% of total HP when consumed.

Pumpkin Sucker

Replenishes 25% of total HP when consumed.

Soul Juice

Replenishes 50% of total HP when consumed.

Dust Demon

Sucks up all of the drops around the map.

Cherry Bomb

Eliminates all monsters on screw with a giant explosion.

Monster Drops

Monster drops are drops you can receive after killing a monster.

Icon Description

Common XP Skull

+10 XP

Uncommon XP Skull

+25 XP

Epic XP Skull

+50 XP

Legendary XP Skull

+75 XP

Mythic XP Skull

+1 Level

Plebeian Coffin

+1 Skill Level Increase

Bourgeoisie Coffin

+3 Skills Level Increase

Royal Coffin

+5 Skills Level Increase