Haunted FOrest

Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest, surrounding the Bonies’ home crypt, shrouds the area in an atmosphere of chilling mystery and unsettling beauty. Within this ancient woodland, the boundaries between the living and the spectral blur, creating an otherworldly landscape that both beckons and terrifies.

In this realm of torment tall, gnarled trees with twisted branches stretch upward like skeletal arms, their leaves a haunting array of muted shades that dance with an unnatural luminescence.

Legends and stories speak of the Haunted Forest as a place where lost souls find no rest. These spirits are said to be trapped in a perpetual state of yearning, their emotions manifesting in the luminous flora and the whispering voices that haunt the forest.


Monster Description


The cleanup crew of the Underworld, these pesky furballs like to sneak up on you from every direction.

HP: 10

Plague Bat

The plague runs rampant through the veins of these flying rats. They often travel in groups.

HP: 10

Vampire Bat

These bloodsuckers will stop at nothing to sink their razor sharp teeth into your bones.

HP: 20


These guys never know when to give it a rest. Don't even get us started on the stench.

HP: 30


These gnarly looking creatures have spent too much of their lives in dark, damp and low ceiling caves. Don't get too close they get a little bitey.

HP: 40

Haunted Skull

Abandoned skulls make great homes for wandering ghosts.

HP: 40


Ever wonder what happens to Jack-o-Lanterns when you dispose of them after Halloween? This is it.

HP: 50


Wraiths survive solely to steal the lifeforce from all living creatures that cross their path.

HP: 50

Spectral Tree

Summoned by The Madspruce himself, Spectral Trees wander the forest floors in search of flesh to devour.

HP: 50


Name Description


Centuries ago on a gloomy winter night in the deepest parts of the Haunted Forest, a crowd of villagers had cornered a powerful nercomancer named Cerius Bane. He was wounded and his powers were weak; he could only hold them off for so long.

As he took his final breathes his soul seeped from his flesh and fused with the nearest lifeforce it could find; a giant spruce tree.

It took Cerius decades to regain his powers and become what he is today. Now he's out for revenge.