Our entire BONIES collection features high quality hand drawn art that can actually be used in-game to give your character exclusive bonuses. Check out our main collections below.


BONIES profile picture NFTs are our main collectible and with 3,333 unique variations using over 140 different traits, you’re sure to find one that matches your style.

Soul Juice


Soul Juice is a mystical and elusive concoction of fear and torment, and only 666 vials remaining in the world. Bonies can’t get enough of this delectable treat.

Crypt Crawler Bonus:

+2% health per Soul Juice (up to +10% total)


Crypt Keys unlock Bonies from their eternal slumber. Awaken a brand new Bonie no one has ever seen before with a key. Master Crypt Keys allow you to awaken a Bonie for Free (if you can snag one) and Decayed Crypt Keys reduce the price to 0.75 $SOL.

Keys can be redeemed for Bonies on our Mint Page.